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March 18, 2007
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the Simpsons by razangraphics the Simpsons by razangraphics
the Simpsons...don't just love watching...
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sullyandboo292 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014
boo is a born as a vampire with rosario and left her at the front door and marge saw her and fed her and marge read the note and said''what is her name'' and note said'' her name is mary gibbs but you can call her boo'' and marge said'' ok then but change her last name to simpson and so boo went elementary and other guys think im cute but im scary of the inside and then bart is born and boo said'' can i hold him mom'' and marge said'' homer can you give it to boo'' and homer said'' you are a bigger sister'' and boo hold bart on his arms and he smiled and boo smiled and said'' hi bart im your older sister'' and boo held out her hand and bart grab it and boo give it to homer and bart burn his tie and boo giggled and bart smiled and as last night boo notice her closet is open and boo was scared and then a monster came out and boo said;; who are you?'' and sully said'' sorry im james p sullivan but you can call me sully'' and boo smiled and boo said'' mary simps on but you can call me boo'' and so we become friends and we played all night long and boo hug sully and said'' i hope i will see you again'' and sully hug back and said'' me too boo'' and so he went to the closet and gone forever and boo dream is go to MU for as seen sully again or human collage of not tell anyone of who i am 
sullyandboo292 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014
and boo live in 118 years and bart ate a frog and boo said'' little brother come sit with me'' and bart smiled when he saw his older sister and said'' hey sister[sigh]'' and boo lift bart close and said'' what is wrong little brother?'' and bart said'' ha i ate a dead frog'' and boo said'' it is ok little bro i ate frogs when i first time bite something'' and bart said'' really?'' and boo said'' oh course'' and bart said'' thanks sis'' and boo&bart hug tight and other look at them and boo open her eyes and said'' what you all staring at!'' and other students look away and boo&bart hold hands when they got off the bus and boo said'' i always be my little brother[rub his hair]'' and bart laughed and hug her and boo smiled and patted him and walked off and said'' call me whatever you need me!'' and bart said'' i will sis!''

sullyandboo292 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014
and it is days bart got a fight of a bully and crying and went to boo's room and boo said'' hey little bro what is wrong?'' and bart started crying and said'' please sis i need your help'' and boo said''come sit with me on my lap '' and so bart went closer and boo lift him up and grab a tissue and said'' blow'' and bart blow and said''im scared and his name is nelson and he is a bully i don't know what to do'' and boo said'' well bart they only thing get me angry is to get scary'' and bart said'' how'' and boo said'' bart follow me'' and so boo show her machines and boo see that bully dummy over there'' and bart said''ya'' and boo said'' come with me'' and boo teach bart how to fight like man and bart tried and boo said''nono bart is like this[true self] fight harder and dodge his moves and tackle him down and bend his arms twisted and that is how you treated the bull of who is the you try'' and bart tried and tried and did tackle him and boo said'' now twisted his arm!'' and bart said'' i tried'' and boo said'' well do it harder show him who is the boss'' and bart said''me![begin twisted harder and harder]'' and boo said'' there you go bart that how you treated who is the boss'' and bart said'' wow it felt so good'' and bart hug boo and said'' thank you '' and boo hug back and said''your welcome bro but if you need me just call my name ok'' and bart smiled&tears come out and it is the next morning boo was walking to work and bart waved to his sister and boo waved back and remember the fight i teach ya'' and bart nodded and so boo was watching recess and bart saw the bully and bart remember that his older sister teach him and bart got ready to fight and nelson beating him up and bart fell down and said''sis!'' and nelson said'' oh he is calling his mommy'' and boo said'' ah ham'' and bart smiled and boo pick nelson up and said'' are you picking my little brother are you nelson?'' and nelson i was teasing him'' and boo said'' see about that [grab his arm and twisted hard]'' and nelson said'' ow!'' and boo said''time to learn your place![kicked him to the trashcan]'' bart said'' sis look out!'' and boo said'' grrrr!'' and other two bullies ran away and boo said''that takes care of them'' and bart said'' thanks sis'' and boo said'' no problem bro i'll ever do is trying to protect you because we are family'' and bart said''that really helps me'' and so they hold hands 
meagan368 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2013
i really love the simpsons
hottygirl Featured By Owner May 26, 2007
I have the same picture, not exactly the same, but different, except it's not a fanart, it's like just the same as that, except for Homer's eyes. Just look at "My new desktop" And you'll see what I mean.
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